If you want to get ripped — REALLY RIPPED — and finally banish that extra layer of flab that’s been hiding your six-pack abs… then you need a powerful supplement that won’t just burn fat… but INCINERATE IT — without causing you to lose mucle mass.

Well… I have some good news… and some bad news for you. The good news is… there are dozens of supplement on the market that all claim to miraculously help you get ripped fast! The bad news is… only some of the supplements on the market are truly effective at getting you cut!

Below are 7 supplements that not only claim to help you build lean muscle mass — but have the proof to back it up! These supplements are used by some of the most famous bodybuilders and fitness models on the planet!

Adipo-X by Axis Labs
Adipo-X by Axis Labs is the supplement that you want to use when you want muscle definition and you want it quick. This potent formula attacks fat and gets you to your ideal weight in no time at all. It does this by making use of a combination of metabolic pathways to help you achieve weight loss. Fat burning is ongoing with this formula while muscles are also protected from being broken down as you lose weight.

Atro-Phex by BSN
Atro-Phex is BSN’s weight management supplement. Primarily used by bodybuilders, its unique formula helps athletes control their weight and it gives them energy. It is a great supplement to use when quickly preparing for competition. It is nutrient-rich and helps balance body composition, mood and physical performance.

how to get rippedBetaStax by BioQuest
BetaStax works alongside all of your other efforts to get that ‘cut’ look. It approaches fat burning from a host of different angles so that your body has no choice but to respond. Expect a marked amount of weight loss when you use BetaStax as well as increased levels of energy, which is always one of the biggest challenges that bodybuilders face when they are in the cutting phase.

Diraxatone Extreme by ProFight
Diraxatone is a highly effective supplement used for giving bodybuilders and figure athletes maximum muscle definition. It works quickly to relieve excess water retention; get rid of bloating and to define your muscles. In combination with all of your other weight loss efforts, this supplement will give you the ripped look that may have evaded you up to this point.

Xtract by Axis Labs
Xtract is an extremely powerful diuretic that draws subcutaneous water out of your system quickly. When using Xtract, be prepared to see results in as little as 12 hours. Furthermore, you will be absolutely ‘shredded’ in 72 hours! This supplement has helped bodybuilders and figure athletes shed as much as 10 pounds in a single week!

Hydrazide gets your ripped and ready for competition in no time at all. Hydrazide is a diuretic supplement that defines your muscles by getting rid of subcutaneous water; water that lies below the surface of the skin. It can mean the difference between winning or losing at competition. By ridding your body of this excess water, Hydrazide defines your muscles and gives you the attractive cut look you have been striving for.

HyperTEST by Axis Labs
Axis Labs, the makers of HyperTEST realize that muscle growth doesn’t happen without the aid of testosterone. HyperTEST naturally peaks your testosterone levels. The results of this are more lean muscle mass, greatly increased strength along with the extra benefit of an increased sex drive as well! HyperTEST also contains ingredients that will help you with quick, post-workout recovery too.

For the best, muscle-defining results use a sports supplement that truly works. We have given you 7 to get you started the next time that you are in the Cutting Phase and working tirelessly to get the ripped look that you want.