When you want to build muscle quickly, you need an effective supplement; you need a supplement that actually does what it says it will do. The fact is, some supplements work and others don’t. The following list is an attempt to help you navigate the huge mountain of muscle-building offerings currently on the market and to identify the ones that work:

1. SuperPump 250 by Gaspari Nutrition

SuperPump was specifically created to help athletes gain marked muscle gain and lean muscle mass from every, single workout. This means even during their very first workout!

Gaspari Nutrition recommends that you use SuperPump as a dietary supplement both on training days and on non-training days as well. Before a workout, SuperPump should be taken 30 – 40 minutes prior for maximum results.

This great product has made an explosive entry onto the dietary supplement market and I can understand why. SuperPump was created in a research lab and it has been placed through countless clinical trials throughout its development. It has safely become a product to beat all others.

2. NaNO Vapo by MuscleTech

NaNO Vapo is designed to take you to the next level in muscle size and to break new thresholds in strength. NaNO Vapo moves throughout your physiological system freeing up pathways so that blood can flow more freely. MuscleTech, the manufacturers of NaNO Vapo, described it as an experience; a vaso-anabolic psychoactive experience. NaNO Vapo increases your focus and your strength and it unleashes the warrior in you!

The key compounds in naNO Vapor have been reduced to super-microscopic size for maximum absorption and effectiveness. They use a slick mix of 6 of bodybuilding’s most proven scientific blends. No less than 2,180 research studies were conducted or referred to in the development of naNO Vapor. Pretty impressive, we think!

3. NO-Xplode NT by BSN

NO-Xplode is proven to thicken muscles, make them more dense and much more powerful. This supplement provides users with extra energy throughout their workout and increases lean muscle mass. NO-Xplode NT is BSN’s most popular pre-workout igniter and it makes our list of the top 5 muscle building compounds. As you would expect, it was created in a lab under controlled research conditions.

NO-Xplode is packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients as well as scientifically engineered compounds that are proven to boost muscle development.

4. True-Mass Protein Powder by BSN

True-Mass Protein Powder is a proven formula developed by BSN for increasing muscle mass. The formula increases both the caloric and the protein intake of those that use it. The proteins that are included in the formula feed the muscles and stimulate their growth. BSN describes True-Mass Protein Powder as a macronutrient-heavy lean mass gainer! There is both an AM and a PM formula that can be taken. True-Mass Protein Powder can also be used as a meal replacement. Use it for lean mass increase, for nutritional support or for weight control.

5. iForce Nutrition Testabolan

Testabolan specifically targets free testosterone in your body and increases it to promote muscle gain. At the same time, it reduces muscle catabolism. iForce Nutrition Testabolan makes use of the latest nutraceutical research in the area of muscle growth and increased physical strength. This supplement is highly a effective. It is a powerful supplement that quickly builds lean muscle mass as well as physical strength. As an anabolic maximizer, it challenges every other natural anabolic product out there for effectiveness and purity!

We are hoping that you will find our top 5 recommendations extremely beneficial. Your hard work in the gym will eventually pay off and you’ll build muscle fast. Using muscle building supplements is a legitimate way to speed up the process and to see the results that you want faster. These supplements are used by both professional bodybuilders and amateurs alike. Now that you have read through our list of research, give them a try and discover which supplement works best for you.